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Top 5 Asian Adventure Travel Destinations

Asia is among one of the most visited travel destinations. People visit the continent for fun and excitement. Here are top 5 Asian adventure travel destinations where you can experience great enthusiasm level.

Rafting on the Pai River, Thailand – In Mae Hong Son province, the Pai River flows in 62 miles in long stretches were flatwater flows on wilderness, remote section in Thailand. You can enjoy rafting and paddling best in the month of June to January.

nepalMountain Trekking in Nepal – Among a number of trek routes in Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp Trail is well-known and popular. Though, there are other most popular routes for trekking in Nepal. You will enjoy trekking with great adventure and excitement.

Surfing in Okinawa, Japan – Okinawa is among one of the most popular surfers of the world. Every time people visit over here to enjoy surfing. In Japan, ‘Hawaii of the East’ is also a place where you can enjoy well-known surf culture, with white sandy beaches, and waves; it is also best for surfing. You will also enjoy Japanese culture with less hectic rush in the Tokyo.

Wildlife Viewing and Caving in Borneo – Gunung Mulu National Park has around 300 km of mapped caves, with the largest single cave of the world. The park has the well-settled infrastructure for tourist visit.

Sandboarding at Mui Ne, Vietnam – Sunrise is a wonderful time to visit the White Sand banks. One of the best ways to spend time while exploring banks is sandboarding. You can enjoy to the fullest over here and make a lot of memories of an adventure trip.

Climbing and Trekking in Bhutan – Bhutan offers few of the world’s most stunning landscapes as well as trekking routes for the tourist visit every year. However, you should always remember that Bhutanese government do not allow independent travelling, ensure you have your trip arranged by local agency.

Well! These are just few places in the list, however, there are much more to visit for adventure trip like Rishikesh (India), Kolad, Bali, Hakub, etc.