The journey on a ferry to Kusu Island

If you are looking forward to visit Kusu Island, then you must be pretty excited about the whole journey and trip. We are sure that you’d be heading towards the island from Singapore itself. Yes, whenever anyone visits Singapore, he or he sure makes an auxiliary plan to head towards the beautiful Kusu-Island. That’s because, Kusu Island Holiday is very popular amongst all local, domestic and international tourists.

That’s because, Kusu Island Holiday is very popular amongst all local, domestic and international tourists.

However, you must be wondering why Singapore is deemed as the place to be if you ever want to visit the island. Well that’s because, Singapore is home to the Singapore to Kusu ferry service. Generally, tourists love to take the scenic route to the island and the ferry service exactly provides that.

Where does the Ferry leave from?


Generally the Singapore to Kusu ferry runs from Marina South Pier to the island of St. John’s and then Kusu. The ferries actually shuttle from these destinations.

The schedule, as per the various ferry companies, of the service is as follows—

You might be thinking about the Kusu Island ferry schedule, as it would allow you to plan your trip in the most perfect and efficient way. So here goes;

You can hitch up a ferry from Singapore to Kusu from Monday to Friday at 2Pm and 10 Am. On Saturdays you can avail the ferry from 9 am and 3 pm. And on Sundays or on holidays, you can grab the ferry from 9am, 11am, 3pm, 1pm and 5pm. If you want to book a ticket, then you can easily book it traditionally through the booking counters at the ferry terminal. Just keep in mind that ticket booths close up at 3pm regularly.

Of course, the schedule can vary from company to company; hence if you are planning to book a ticket, then be sure to check out the timetables of various different companies first. However, most companies also provide extra ferries if they see that there is a huge rush.

What’s the ticket price?

Money should never be a matter when you want to visit a place like Kusu. However, it is always recommended that one must maintain a budget and for that one must know the prices. Price for a 2 way ferry trip from Kusu to Singapore (or vice versa) is 18 dollars for the adults and 12 dollars for the children who are aged between one and twelve. The fares are a rough estimation, and they can change from one Ferry Company to another. Hence, make sure you check them out firsthand before taking a decision.

So what are you waiting for? These safe ferries can easily take you to your dream destination. All you have to do is grab a ticket, make the journey and reach Kusu. Now that you know everything about the ferry to Kusu Island we are sure that you can easily plan a very accommodating tour from here.