Journey to Kuala Lumpur by Train

There is not any more immediate train from Singapore to KL train. The train to KL now begins in Johor Bahru. A bus train keeps running in the middle of Singapore and Johor Bahru at specific times of the day.

Trains from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur leaves three times each day. On the off chance that you need to go amid the day, there are two trips you can get, and there’s one night train. The day train takes around 6 hours, or likely more, while the night train takes around 8 hours. Thus you don’t begin your trip with disappointment, it expects a few deferrals. When you pick the night train, you might need to purchase the sleeper ticket so you can simply rest the outing endlessly. Then again, taking the night train makes you miss all the excellent landscapes on course. On the off chance that you need to appreciate the view of the field, it is suggested that you pick the day train.


The trains now leave from Singapore’s Woodlands Station, much more pleasant and simple to reach through Singapore’s MRT mass travel, in addition to a transport ride.

Despite the fact that the fares are not too bad, perhaps US$20 for the shabby seats, on the off chance that you board at the Singapore end and have not pre-paid, and then you pay the Malaysian Ringgit cost in Singapore dollars, for a perfect markup relying upon trade rates. Even better, they take money or, strangely, AMEX just, permitting me the benefit of staying my VISA card into a gross ATM machine. Yet that didn’t prevent me from stressing over it for the length of the outing. Try not to be me – purchase your tickets early, on the web.

You board the train about 30 minutes before its nighttime departure in a scene out of Schindler’s List. The platform is dark, with some orange light, and lots of confusion. Everyone else seemed to be a Malaysian person working in Singapore and returning home, carrying with him/herself the largest suitcases and bundles I have ever seen. Most of this stuff was being moved around the platform. There’s also a daytime train.